Thursday, June 14, 2018

Taking a break in Glacier National Park

We've never been to Glacier, and it was on our "Bucket List." 

Our big rented SUV, and our little rented cabin.

 The spring runoff created torrents of water flowing over the rocks.

Tranquil and peaceful; just what we needed for a couple of days.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Signing at Fact & Fiction Missoula MT

We set up outside the bookstore, Fact and Fiction, and waited for the people going to the nearby farmer's markets to stop and listen to Jade's story.

This is me and the sales manager of Farcountry Press, my publisher.

Paul's not in the photos since he is the official photographer along with his other duties. 

Our pitch worked! I'm inscribing their copy of Bring Jade Home. 
And theirs too!!

 And this is me, celebrating the end of the first part of the tour. Yes, those are two glasses of red wine. Perhaps I am holding Laura's glass for her, perhaps not. Today Paul and I are heading to Glacier National Park. I plan to post nothing but vacation pictures next!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Country Bookshelf signing, Bozeman MT

This is the front window display at Country Bookshelf. All of those books are Bring Jade Home, and they even put a small stuffed "Aussie" puppy beside it. How much is that doggy in the window?

I stopped by earlier with a poster in my hand. Or is it a baguette?
Country Bookshelf is the largest independent bookstore in Montana. Our new game is to find "Bring Jade Home" when we know it's in a store. Besides an entire window, there was a stack by the door, and then below is the display shelf. I think the book cover glows and really stands out!

The event coordinator told us that the book was the previous week's number one best seller!

 Later that evening, David, Laura, Jade and Laila drove over with us. I'm sure the event coordinator had never dealt with such a crew.
Laila and Jade inside their new motor home. Don't you just love the "Jade blue" trim?

That's "Jadette" Jade's stand-in.  The real Jade is off to the side. She loves to bark at strangers. Err, Jade that is. Jadette is very quiet, but then again she wouldn't have survived Yellowstone for 44 days, would she?

I read excerpts from the back cover and first chapter. The people who didn't know the story kept shaking their heads in disbelief. But with Jade there, sometimes kissing David and wiggling her butt, they knew the story had a happy ending. 

We signed "paw-tographed" copies for everyone, including Jade fans who drove over from another town just to meet the dog they had helped search for. 

There's nothing like a true story showing the good in people. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Signing at Old Faithful Inn lobby

Paul and I setting up the table.

Could there possibly be a cooler venue than the Old Faithful Inn lobby? I don't think so. Paul and I got there early, and set up the table. He took overhead pictures to give you an idea of the scope of the place.

Jade and Laila were kept in soft carriers much of the time. That's David, Jade's owner keeping a close eye on her. Jade has taken a liking to Meagan Forsman, who is a self-described "fan-girl" of Bring Jade Home. She drove four hours down from Helena MT, just to meet Jade, and the team. She bought the book as soon as it was released in November, and bought several of the new ones. She may be our biggest fan.

Some people laughed at the idea of my stuffed Jade look-alike until they saw the kids leading their parents and grandparents over to pet it.

Every time Old Faithful went off, the mass of tourists would flood the building. Not all of them came by to talk, but those who did bought the book most of the time. 

Eventually, we got the drill down. I went ahead and signed cases of books. When Laura, David, Kat Brekken could, they signed too. Everyone who bought wanted a) to see Jade and b) get a Paw-tographed copy. Yes, Laura and David actually inked Jade's paw and put it in the book. Kat Brekken joined in. It may not be the best picture (I took it rather than Paul) but it was quite the production.
I was amazed Jade was so patient. Kat hands David each book opened, He holds the book open, while Jade, sitting on Laura's lap, paw-tographs the copy.

My favorite picture of Laura, the real Jade, and David.